It was concerted efforts by Ken Trudel, his son Chris, and John Gosselin (a webmaster) that is bringing to fruition this new, redesigned MARCOM Website.

Countless hours have been spent in completely overhauling the website.  The present website served us well for several years but it was time to make a big change in the design.  Many thanks go out to Ken Trudel, Chris Trudel and John Gosselin who took on the daunting task of the website redesign.

Ken has set up the website to be a very important part of MARCOM.  The redesign will allow us to add more functions to the site and will make our presence more widely known throughout the Model A community.  I am looking forward to being a part of the website committee and hope that additional MARCOM members will join us in managing the site for years to come.

Chuck Marchewka, June 2017